Independent patient fitting (IPF): Examples and Instructions

NOTE: for all images and videos, no face shall be shown

IPF: Form

Use the form below to submit the IPF for Patient Fitting Exam (PFE)

Photo from the front, stand straight. Max file size 2MB
Photo from the side, stand straight. Max file size 2MB
Video sit, stand, turn, forward and backward walking, door test. Max file size 5MB
Carry a big object to the trunk of the car, and get into the driver's seat. Max file size 5MB
Video of stair ascent and descent. Max file size 5MB
Video of ramp ascent and descent, max file size 5MB
Video of repeating the actions in the training video (kneel, get onto the floor, pivot, and stand up), max file size 5MB
Optional, video from the side, get onto the bicycle and pedal 5 times and get off the bicycle and walk. Max file size 5MB
Tips for compressing videos:
  • Use this website:
  • Don't register an account. 
  • 1. Upload original video
  • 2. Choose compression between "smaller file " and "normal"
  • 3. Chose resolution "720p"
  • 4. "Compress video"
  • 5. "Download"
  • 6. Upload here